Mar 18, 2013

Field Logs: Log #10

I reported back to Major Polatli. He didn't seem any more happy about me helping Quartermaster Mayes, since he was swimming in trouble. He asked me to help Dr. Richards with the wounded. That was my area of expertise.

Dr. Richards asked me if I had some medical experience and I filled him in. He thanked me in advance. There were three injured troopers in the tent, laying unconscious in a bed. I took care of the first one by simply cleaning his wounds, applying the antibiotics and then closing his wounds. The second one had a severe injury in his right leg, which I had to amputate. One of his hands was also wounded and badly infected, so I had to amputate that as well. The third one was tricky. He had a close range shotgun wound. I had to clean the area, apply the antibiotics and cut the infected and most of the burnt skin. He'll make a full recovery. Dr. Richards was very impressed.

I reported back to Major Polatli. He told me the NCR had to retake Nelson. He told me that the morale around camp would affect the number of soldiers I would have by my side in battle. So I asked him to postpone the attack while I took another trip around camp.

I talked to Tech Sarge Reyes. She wanted me to update the Ranger Stations radios, because she feared some of them might be under a bug and when I updated the radios all the unupdated systems would listen to only static. So I did that. I also talked to Lieutenat Gorobets about Cook-Cook raping and burning Corporal Betsy. I said I could help medical assistance and he accepted and told me to go and talk to her.

I talked to Corporal Betsy and told her that the mental trauma was just like another wound that had to be treated. So she agreed to see a Dr. Usanagi in New Vegas. But reporting back to Lieutenent Gorobets I was told that I had to inform New Vegas Clinic that Corporal Betsy was coming... Oh burocracy...

So if I had to leave camp I decided to do the Ranger Stations upgrades. First I headed to Delta, since it was very close to Camp Forlorn Hope. I delivered the upgrade to the Commander Ranger and then headed South to Ranger Station Charlie, the only one I had been before. I shortcuted through the desert swiftly with Craig and ED-E on my tail. We stopped by our motel room at Novac to sleep. Then headed back to the road.

When we were arriving to the Station we were attacked by a band of Legionarie Assassins, which we neutralized. Then headed into the Ranger Station and delivered the upgrade. Gladly they were quick jobs. Then I headed to the Station near Cottonwood Cove, further to the South.

I arrived there and I guess I wasn't surprised to see that some of the Rangers were Ghouls, given the Station's proximity to Camp Searchlight. I delivered the upgrades to the Commander. Then I had to head North of there, to Ranger Station Alpha, North of Camp Forlorn Hope.

On my way North I was approached by Private Renolds, a soldier who requested assistance. His squad was ambushed by the Legion and taken to torture in a nearby mine. I said I'd rescue his squad. I went into the mine with Craig and ED-E. Craig enjoyed this unexpected assignment.

We entered the mines and they were filled with Legionaries. They didn't give us much trouble, though. Then I located both prisioners and had to read a thing or two about lockpicking before setting them free. We followed the prisioners outside. It was a quick in and out assignment.

Going North, we would naturally pass by Nelson. Craig told me it would be easy to kill all the Legionaries on camp from the high ground, but I told him we should wait to attack along the NCR.

Night fell as we passed Boulder City and approached Ranger Station Alpha's location. I arrived and delivered the upgrade to the commander. Then I asked if there was some place I could sleep in and they pointed to a tent with three sleep rolls.

We are now planning how to procceed. We have to go to Ranger Station Bravo, which is near Bitter Springs, so we will go there next and stop by a little as Craig wanted. After we are done with Ranger Station Bravo we head into New Vegas Clinic and then to the western Ranger Station, Foxtrot.

Frank out.

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