Mar 4, 2013

Field Logs: Log #8

We took the same road I had taken from Nipton to Camp McCarran, passing through Novac, only finding a small gang of misfits. The real trouble was when we approached the Legion camp area and Boon decided to shoot first ask later. It all happened fast and they were well equiped, but Boone didn't care. I had no choice but to join the fight. We won.

Nearing the camp though, it was full of them Caesar's boys. I even requested support via the NCR radio that was given to me. Then we pressed on, me, Boone, ED-E and the trooper. We killed off the Legionaries at camp, catching some of them in their morning sleep. Then we released their slaves, which got to Boone. He told me that the NCR should have more checkpoints near the river, so that situations like those wouldn't happen. I had to agree.

After releasing the slaves we went to search for Frank Weathers' familly, who too had been taken and made into slaves by The Legion. The NCR trooper left us at that point.

Nearing the location which I knew to be Camp Searchlight we found a group of Legionaries ambushing three NCR troopers. We saved the troopers and then searched for the responsibles for patroling the Camp. When we approached the town itself the air got heavy, darker. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. I found First Sergeant Astor, the one responsible for the area, who told me that the town was irradiated because of a Legion attack. After that, I went around town to the Legion camp, to find the slaves.

I discovered the camp and Boone warned me that if he saw any Legionarie he would shoot. I thought best to go back to First Sergeant and tell him about the camp, in order to avoid conflict with the NCR. When I spoke to the first sergeant he asked me to, if possible, plant a bug on the camp. I accepted the mission gladly.

It was going to be a hard one. I asked Boone and ED-E to sit tight at the entrance of the camp, while I snuck in.

The mission was a tough one. The toughest I had ever done. I snuck in the offices and retireved the documents, while planting the bug. My heart was racing the whole time, I'm surprised it didn't burst. Then I was stupid. So stupid. I freed the slaves I was there to free in first place. But while I was invisible from the stealth boy, they were not. They were shot down like dogs right in front of me, with Legionaries shouting "another kill to my name", like it was a game. Fucking savages.

I then returned to First Sergeant Astor. He was very pleased with the results of the mission. I asked if he needed anything else and he joked about killing every Legionarie in the camp. But I accepted. I really don't like those savages. And Boone apreciates it too.

We are going to rest in the NCR tent at Camp Searchlight and head to Cottonwood Cove first thing.

Frank out.

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