Feb 27, 2013

Field Logs: Log #7

I reported for duty with Captain Curtis. He suggested I asked around Camp to find some answers. Lieutenant Boyd told me there was someone sneaking in at the control tower at night, which was odd since there were only a few people with the codes. She also said she suspected Sargeant Contreras to be smuggling out weaponry.

While searching the Camp I found a female soldier crying. She said her husband was murdered by Fiends and that she could not get the NCR troops to get his body back. She said that her husband was a hero, he saved the rest of his group while he laid covering fire. He didn't deserve to be left out there.

I bought myself a Combat Armor while checking out that Contreras character. I couldn't find nothing that gave away his situation. He had a computer, but I wasn't able to access it.

Since it was still a bit early I went get the NCR Ranger's body back. I figured I should get back just in time to catch the target who was leaking information. Nearby the location that Christina, the widow, told me about there was a small NCR post with two soldiers, who warned me about the Fiends near Ranger Morales' body. I was told to get the body back to them, should I suceed. Which I did.

As soon as I got the body to the soldiers I ran to the Camp, since it was already nightime and the spy could turn up at any time by then.

I went in the tower and there was nobody there. Looked like I was still on time. After that, we just had to wait. I waited for a while and then I saw somebody walking nearby. My sneak skills are not as good as they used to be, because he spotted me. For my surprise, it was Captain Curtis. He told me that he was there to check on his Bravo Company. When I told him what I was doing there he told me to keep doing the job and to follow whoever went in the tower.

I waited a tad longer and then I saw another person heading towards the tower. My binoculars didn't show much, but he seemed to be Captain Curtis, again. And it was. He engaged me as soon as I got into the tower, so I had no choice but to kill him. He was talking with The Legion, that traitor. Got what he deserved. I got from him an activation code for some sort of explosive.

I reported back to Colonel Hsu. And when I did, the Colonel figured it out. Curtis had sabotaged the monorail that links Camp McCarran to The Strip! I ran there as fast as I could. But I was too late... Curtis probably set it up after knowing I was on to him... If only I had been slicker... ARGH!

Colonel Hsu took it too hard on himself when I reported back to him, when it was really my fault.

After being up all night me and Boone decided to get some sleep on the Camp. Just now we were talking and I remembered that Powder Ganger I had found in Nipton, who said the Legion had taken some prisioners. That's where we're headed next.

Frank out.

Feb 24, 2013

Field Logs: Log #6

Once I exited Camp McCaran I was aproached by a ranger who gave me a radio to communicate with the rest of the NCR, so they could give me back up. I was finally getting noticed again.

I headed to South Vegas Ruins, where the Fiends' base was located, Vault 3. They were ruthless but reckless. Me, Boone and ED-E meutralized the ones guarding the entrance, making then a run for the door. We had no idea what to expect inside.

They were so many inside... I almost lost Boone. But in the end he could get up. He's tough. We had a lot of cleaning up to do inside of that Vault. I had never seen so much evil together. I found Ranger Bryce Anders, a Ranger sent in by Colonel Hsu to neutralize Motor Runner. He was injured, though. He wanted to take out Motor Runner all by himself but I saw that his wound was on the verge of an infection. I cured him on the spot with one of the doctor bags I had on me. Then he joined me, Boone and ED-E in our mission to kill the Fiend leader.

That fool of a Ranger! One of his traps set off as soon as we got out of his hideout, killing him and injuring me, Boone and ED-E! Damn it. The Fiends had hostages on the living quarters of the Vault. They said there was a Fiend in the room area that had the key for their cell. Going through the rooms I saw how pittyful the Fiends were. Many of them were dead on the bed, O.D.'d from a mixture of God knows what. I freed the captives and they made their own way out the Vault. I only had to take care of Motor Runner now.

After much time inside that damned Vault, I finally disposed of Motor Runner. Took his helmet in order to proove it to Colonel Hsu.

When I exited the Vault it was nightime. I made a run for Camp McCaran, since I don't see so well at my old age and it's easier to catch me off guard at night. I slept there before reporting back to Colonel Hsu.

The Colonel was very pleased when I brought him the helmet. Then I asked him if I could look at his Legionarie POW situation. He said I could try and so I did. Lieutenant Boyd instructed me to get in the cell and beat the Legionarie Centurion until he gave us answers. It was the only tactic we had left. But I managed to get him to talk. He told me two things: one, Colonel Hsu's suspicions on someone being leaking information were true, since the Legion had a spy right there on Camp McCarran; and two, Caesar was sick. He told me he had headaches and his skin was pale. It could be many things, from a simple mindgrain to a head tumor. I'm rooting for the last one.

I reported to Colonel Hsu and told him next I'd look into the NCR leak. I'm just taking a break now.

Frank out.

Feb 17, 2013

Field Logs: Log #5

I stopped by HELIOS One before heading into Boulder City, to see if they needed anything. But they didn't even let me through. I understood why, they don't have room for trust. I just have to make my name known around the NCR more.

At Boulder City's entrance there was a memorial stone to the Hoover Dam battle and the soldiers that lured some Legionaries  to town and blew it up. There was a nice young soldier there, paying his respects to his older brother.

Further into town I was aproached by a NCR soldier, Lieutenet Monroe, who told me to be carefull because they had a Great Khan situation. Apparantly my attackers holed themselves in the ruins and took NCR hostages. I told him I'd sneak in there and get the hostages out, as soon as it was dark. I used a stealth boy that I got from a Nightkin to sneak in the building and releasing the two prisioners. Then the NCR took out all the Great Khans outside their hideout. But I had to get in myself, with Boone and ED-E. I went in and they didn't want to talk any, started shooting immediatly. Thankfully their aim was bad and we neutralized them. Jessup, their leader, had a note on him that was proof that he was my attacker and Benny's lighter. Needless to say, Benny wasn't with them. I'm assuming he betrayed them and went back to New Vegas.

That question resolved, I made my way to New Vegas again. I slept in a caravan protected by some NCR soldiers, maybe they were camped there.

Then heading into New Vegas I made some stops. First one was at the Aerotech Office Park, NCR territory. I talked to Frank Weathers, a man I found there. He said his family was captured and enslaved by the Legion. I said I'd help, since I already had to help the slaves that the Powder Ganger in Nipton told me about. He said they were most likely at Cottonwood Cove, a Legion camp.

I talked to Captain Parker, the man in charge of the Office Park and he told me they were having problems with missing people and with a man in the Park that had a gambling operation and was cheating people. I investigated the man first and found proof that both suspicions that Captain Parker had were true. He was both cheating and selling drugs. Then, before I reported back to the Captain, I went and searched for the missing refugees.

I went to Westside and investigated the two people Captain Parker asked me to investigate, Saint James and Durmont. Turns out they were, indeed, the ones selling the refugees. From what I understood, they were selling them to Fiends, a raider group. When I confronted them they attacked me, but I blew both their heads off. They deserved even more. They sold not only adults but teens, children and even a new born baby.

Then I went back to Aerotech Office Park. Being so close to The Strip felt... Weird.

I slept in the Park after I reported to Captain Parker and then headed off to Camp McCarran. There I found the First Recon squad, which made me and Boone smile. Then I talked to Major Dhatri and he said there were three Fiends whose heads he wanted. He'd pay me bounty money. But as long as I'm helping the NCR, I'm at peace.

Most Fiends use energy weapons. I tried one and I actually liked it... Eh, an old geezer liking the newest technology instead of the old stuff, huh?

I killed the three Fiends and got the heads, but one of them was all mangled because Boone managed to destroy it with an headshot.

Major Dhatri was very pleased when I showed him the heads, except for Violet's, although he took my word as in it was indeed Violet.

Since I was at Camp McCarran I spoke to Colonel Hsu, who's in charge. I asked how could I help and he said a lot more bad things that I was expecting: The Fiends at Vault 3 were becoming a problem, they had a Legionarie under arrest but couldn't get him to talk and someone inside the NCR was giving out information. I told the Colonel I would take out the Fiends first and rescue the Ranger they had sent there.

I'll sleep at the Camp and attack in the morning. Frank out.

Feb 16, 2013

Field Logs: Log #4

I went to the sniper spot to speak to Manny Vargas. When I got there, it wasn't his shift yet. I met this guy that was in a bad mood. But he quickly went from disliking me to ask me a favor. Poor bastard, had his wife taken away by The Legion. And he was sure someone in town set it up with those slavers. He told me his wife was already dead and he just wanted the bastard that had sold her to The Legion. He told me to find whoever did it and to bring them in front of the dinosaur, then put his NCR barrett on. He was a former NCR, from what I gathered. Like me.

I asked around all day until a weird gentleman called No-bark told me, among other non-sense, that he saw one of the "shadowy folks" enter the motel's lobby. So I waited until there was nobody there to look around a little. In the lobby I found a Bill of Sale, in a safe. The owner of the hotel had done it. Snake.

Her name was Jeannie. I went to her house, woke her up, and said that there was something she should see in front of the dinosaur. I'll never forget that snake's head simply exploding right in front of me. That boy was a deadshot. I went up the dinosaur to the sniper spot and talked to him. He said that he wouldn't be staying in town, that the only purpose of his life now was hunt for Legionaries. That he was going to be a wanderer "like me". So I told him to come with me.

The boy, name's Boone, was troubled, didn't really talk to me much. He was indeed once in the NCR, a sniper. I was going to help that young man. I liked him. Besides, he gave me a first recon barett, making us look pretty slick together.

I had to continue my pursuit for my attackers. We slept at the motel, waiting for the other sniper, Manny, to go up the dinosaur. Manny said that I had to help him for him to help me. Some ghouls were settled in REPCONN facility, cutting off the town's junk supply. I had to get rid of them.

Before we entered the facility itself we had tp get rid of some feral ghouls. Once we got inside a ghoul talked to me through the intercom. At least he sounded like a ghoul... Told me to meet him and so I did. A Nightkin, a sort of Super Mutant but grey and with an addiction for stealth boys, was dead at the lobby. Must've been some mess going on there. When I got to where I was told to go, I was greated by a human, instead of the ghould I was expecting. Weird though, he thought he really was a ghoul... He belonged to a group of ghouls called Bright Brotherhood, that were led by Jason Bright. He told me that his group was going to do a "Great Journey", to reach the "Far Beyond", some kind of promise land... The problem was that the "demons" which I knew to be the Nightkin, had made it impossible to reach the launch pad. So he asked me to deal with them.

The Nightkin were keeping some sort of jail in the basement. Inside I found only a dead female ghoul. I had killed already many Nightkin before I entered one last room. There there was a ghoul in tactical sniper position to shoot anyone that came through the door. He was the Bright Brotherhood's escort and got trapped in the basement with another ghoul. Which was the one I had found. When I told him he got a little shook up, but came down from his position and followed me to the rest of the group.

Once I told Jason the Nightkin were gone, they all went running towards the basement and I followed. Outside the launch pad he told that he needed one more thing before from me and that I needed to speak to Chris, the human. He told me that the rockets required thrust control modules and the fuel igniting agent in order to be launched. Boone told me he saw through his scope a boy die by almost bathing in a glowy fluid, which might have been it. And after quite a walk we found out that it was. We found him and turns out the poor boy was just trying out his new radiation suit... Oh well, he had the exact component that Chris was looking for. Then I went to a junkyard near Novac, that belonged to Old Lady Gibson. Damned thrust control modules were expensive...

I talked to Chris, he fixed the rockets and then they were good to go. It brought a smile to my old geezer face, watching them take flight to some kind of promise land... Well, the ghould problem was taken care of, so I could speak to Manny.

I visited his room at the motel and for my surprise Chris was there. I'm not the judging type. He told me the guy I was looking for was named Benny and was headed to Boulder City. I then talked to Manny about himself, since he had been friends with Boone. He had been a Khan AND a NCR. He was Boone's spotter. He left the NCR because of the Bitter Springs massacre. Being a former NCR, I knew all about it.

I'm spending this one last night in Novac and then I'm off to Boulder City.

Frank, out.

Feb 14, 2013

Field Logs: Log #3

Took a shortcut to Nipton through a deserted area, didn't run to any danger. Once I got to completely destroyed and burnt Nipton I recognized the flags at the town's entrance... The Legion. So far west? How is it possible? Are they planning a surprise attack on the NCR?

I don't know what got more my attention, the heads on spikes by the banners or the Powder Ganger jumping around all happy, telling me he had won the lottery. I didn't know what kind of lottery though.

Went in the town's general store to find some civillians, but only found one crippled Powder Ganger. He told me what had happened though. He told me "The Legion happened". He said they had some kind of lottery and killed everyone except first, second and third places. Fisrt place was the one I had seen earlier, second was this one, who had his legs broken by hammers and third places were enslaved. He told me they took the slaves East. Probably to some major camp they have set. Gave the guy one Med-X and left the store.

When I headed to town's center it was an horrific sight. Powder Gangers crucified on both sides of the road, heads on spikes, burnt tires with skeletons... Some Legionaries were still in town. I was outnumbered 5 to 2. Maybe because I wasn't wearing NCR vests they didn't shoot on sight and just talked to me. Told me to spread the word of their... "Justice". I asked them why they had slaughtered innocent people and he just told me they were to blame for being cowards. I spat on the ground and told him his crimes were unforgivable. The Legion's crimes were unforgivable. He told me I should attack him and I just looked at him furiously.

The Powder Gangers couldn't be freed without bleeding to death, so I just put the poor bastards out of their misery. Never in my many years had I seen such a massacre.

On the road to Novac I spotted an ambush. A frag mine was under a traffic cone. I figured it should have been bandits. And it was. I dispached one of their spotters and ED-E, the robot I got, neutralized the grenade rifle man, while another one had escaped.

Further on I spotted some Legionaries in hiding. I figured I'd just walk by, since I was once again outnumbered. As I walked I started hearing shooting and saw them slaughtering a group of traders. I turned back and helped them, being then able to defeat the Legionaries. They seemed headed to Novac and were one mercenary short because of the attack, so I escorted them for a while.

Good thing I escorted the traders. Right outside an NCR Ranger Station (Charlie) they were attacked by three Legionaries, but were able to neutralize them with no casualties.

Before continuing the escort I went in the Station to see if the Rangers needed anything, which they didn't, so I just ran back to the traders and rode with them.

Finnaly we arrived on Novac. It is dark so I'm going to rent a room and spend the night there.

Feb 11, 2013

Field Logs: Log #2

Log #2

As I entered Primm I had my first NCR contact for a long time. A soldier told me that the town was off limits because it was filled with escaped convicts from the NCR Correctional Facility. When I asked why wouldn't they help he pointed me to Lieutenent Hayes. He said that they were outnumbered by the convicts, making it hard to do anything to help the town. So I went in, both helping them and also searching for answers.

I talked to Johnson Nash, owner of the Mojave Express, my former boss, that is. He told me that Victor, the robot that dug me up, ordered those packages, including the Platinum Chip that got me killed. He also said that there was someone that turned down the job when he saw me next on the list. Wonder who that can be. Finally he said that his Deputy, the one who knew where I could find the attackers, was kidnapped, so I had to save him.

I found the Deputy. He refused to talk before I cleared the rest of the convicts, and refused to help me too. I cleared the convicts and headed back to the casino where the town was holed up, to talk to the Deputy. He told me that the attackers were headed to Novac via Nipton. He also asked me to help bring law to town and I immediatly thought of the NCR, that was already settled outside Primm.

I spoke to Lieutenet Hayes about Primm and he told me to go to the Mojave Outpost, to get some more bodies to the NCR force in Primm.

On my way to the Outpost I was looking for some place to sleep and was attacked by a pack of Radscorpions. Awful creatures, I feared for the worst.

Once in the Outpost, Major Knight told me that some men were going to be sent to Primm. Also, while I was there I asked Ranger Jackson if he needed help and he told me that he could use someone to clear the rods of giant ants. And so I did. He gave me a service Rifle for it, made it completly worth it. On the way out I talked to Ranger Ghost, who asked me to look out for Nipton as she saw some smoke and the town might be in trouble.

Went to Lieutenet Hayes again and he said the Primm situation was delt with, Primm was now NCR territory! Still in Primm, I fixed a robot, whose name might be ED-E (at least that's how am going to call him) and now he follows me around. Might come in handy.

Heading to Nipton now, guard up.

Feb 7, 2013

Field Logs: Log #1

Resetting field logs.

Log #1

Almost got KIA'd. Well, not KIA'd but killed, close enough. I knew I shouldn't have taken the Courier job. Got ambushed for a big Platinum Chip that I was carryin'. A man in a checkered suit and some Great Khans. I knew the Great Khans due to my past in the NCR.

They shot me in the head and buried me alive, thinking I was dead.

I ended up waking up in Goodsprings, right next to the cemetery. Doc Mitchel had taken care of me, I can't thank him enough. Said the town robot had dug me out of my hole and I turned out to be alive. After getting me up from bed the Doc ran some tests, to see if the bullet had done some physical or mental damage. The machine he had to run the physical test came up with the results of 6 for strength, 7 for perception, 4 for endurance, 4 for charisma, 6 for intelligence, 6 for agility and 7 for luck. Guess I'm not the man I was 20 years ago, when I was with the NCR... After the mental exams Doc told me my skills were Medicine, Repair and Guns. Almost like he guessed that I was the medic soldier. He said I had a problem with my eyes, so it was best that I would wear glasses anytime I could.

I talked to Victor as soon as I got out of Doc's house, to thank him and see if he could point me in
the right direction. Didn't say anything useful so I just followed the Doc's advice and talk to Sunny Smiles.

Quick edit: First I went to Goodsprings cemetery, where I was buried, to find some evidence. Found some peculiar cigarette butts, must've belonged to the guy in the fancy suit.

Helped that girl Sunny clear the town wells from geckos. Poor girl saw her dog die right in front of her... She told me to go speak to Trudy, because she might know something about where I should go.

Trudy pointed me in the right direction, but before I asked her something I heard an argument. She was arguing with Joe Cobb, a Powder Ganger. Trudy explained that those Powder Gangers were former NCR prisioners. If so, they are bad people. I will deal with them here in Goodsprings and then report them to the nearest NCR post.

They were delt with easily enough, the whole town joined in the fight.

I made my way to Primm right after that. It was night so I had to sleep somewhere. Found a wrecked RV with some beds in it, spent the night there.

Log over.

Me after Doc Mitchel patched me up.