Mar 12, 2013

Field Logs: Log #9

We exited the greenish atmosphere of Camp Searchlight to go to Cottonwood Cove. Craig (Boone) was rather excited.

We wiped out the entire camp, except for their commander (or Centurion, as they say), who was inside his building, maintaining position. Before we entered, Craig told me that he wished there were more of them, since he wasn't done yet. I smiled, as I knew how satisfying it was for him to kill all those Legionaries. Once inside, I let him do the killing. Killing a Centurion must feel specially good.

After Cottonwood Cove, Craig opened up to me. Talked about Bitter Springs, how there was a miscommunication and how what happened tormented him, even in his sleep. He also thought that what he did there was coming back to him in all bad ways. Like what happened to his wife. He told me he saw her being sold to The Legion, tracked her down with her scope and had no choice but to shoot her so she wouldn't become a slave. I asked him if he wanted to go to Bitter Springs, to see if it helped, but he refused. Only at first though. He immediatly put his hand on my shoulder and asked me, kind of shy, if I still wanted to go with him to Bitter Springs. I did and I told him so.

I killed everyone on the crosses at the entrance of the camp, to stop them from suffering. Removing them from the cross would make them bleed to death. One of them was a Great Khan.

I went back to First Sergeant Astor to report. He was very impressed with the outcome of my mission. I just saluted and headed north. It didn't take long for a group of Legion Assassins to attack me, Craig and ED-E. They did a number on my squad, but we were still able to neutralize them all. We also had run ins with golden and fire geckos. It was a troubled trip. Even young cazadores we found.

It was getting dark when we got near Camp Forlorn Hope. We then took shelter there, in the clinic. I spoke to Doctor Richards and he filled me in. The camp was going to shit. Legion was attcking hard, supplies and men were scarce. I had ran into a scared Private before heading to the clinic. He dropped a used hydra seringe. I am reporting this in the log because Dr. Richards was having problems with missing hydra. I handed him the proof and got his problem delt with.

Since the situation was so bad, me and Craig decided to report in for duty to Major Polatli. He asked me to talk to Quartermaster Mayes. He told me some of his men who were out searching for supplies were missing near HELIOS One. So I had to go there.

Once I got there Lt. Haggerty said the NCR troopers were there and she gave them the supplies. The supplies had a GPS on them, so I was able to track them down. When I got to the squad, they were all dead. And Legionaries were waiting for us. It was an ambush. We killed the Legionaries and headed back to Camp Forlorn Hope. We reported to Quartermaster Mayes and are taking a little rest now before reporting back to Major Polatli.

Frank out.

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