Mar 25, 2013

Field Logs: Log #11

On our way out of Ranger Station Alpha we found some Lakelurks, but we killed them safely from the distance. I had almost forgot that, heading North, we would pass by Camp Golf. So we decided to stop by, see what we could do.

There, I talked to Sergeant McCredie, the man in charge and he told me he was having problems shaping up the new recruits. The group even got Misfits as a nickname. I told him I would try to help. So I got to know every member of the group. There was O'Hanrahan, a nice youngster, too nice even, didn't like to hurt people and suggested I talked to everyone for them to get along, Poindexter, who was a real... poindexter, talked much, but didn't say anything. Then there was Razz, who suggested to give the squad a lot of psycho... These kids. Finally I talked with Mags, which seemed to be the leader and the most reasonable. She told me the squad should be taught how to shoot and use explosives. I could do that. So I got their asses to the firing range and taught them just that.

Most of the squad really didn't like the idea, they walked very slowly to the firing range. But I would change them. After I got done with them, they were great. I was kind of proud. There was nothing else to help with, so me, Craig and ED-E continued to head on north, to Bitter Springs and Ranger Station Bravo.

We passed by Bitter Springs to go to Ranger Station Bravo first. There, I gave the upgrades to the commander in charge.

Then we went to Bitter Springs. Boone told me that the place, now a NCR Outpost, was at the time filled with Great Khans. He told me he was stationed on a ridge called Coyote Tail and was guarding the position, in case any Khan would try to escape. So we went there. There he told me that he was radioed to shoot anyone on sight, but women, children, elderly and wounded were all trying to escape. But the officers kept telling Craig's squad to shoot on sight. So they did...

He wanted to spend the night there. We set up camp and I went to sleep, while he stood on watch. Then he woke me, saying that a big Legion group was headed to Bitter Springs and told me that it could be too big, so if I wanted out he wouldn't blame me. I put my hand in his shoulder and got my rifle. I bet that if he could, he would smile.

There were three waves of them. First one got through us to the outpost, but inside we killed them. The other  two waves couldn't make it past us. We were outstanding. Then I told him that he couldn't change what he had done, but he could make it right by the path he took. He agreed with me. He did not meet his peace, but was more at ease. Then he took his 1st recon survival armor from his pack and started wearing it.

We then procceeded to talk to Captain Gilles, the one in charge of the Bitter Springs outpost, to see if help was needed. Apparently, the camp was in very bad shape. She needed more troops and more supplies. And someone had been stealing supplies and killing refugees and troopers at night. Lieutenent Markland, the medic, needed doctor bags and a medical text book that would help him learn about dealing with psychological traumas, because of all the kids in camp. I would get the books from the Crimson Caravan, when I passed by New Vegas' Clinic.

Before we left I wanted to search for the murderer of Bitter Springs. Captain Gilles said that he was a sniper, so I had a clue of where to start looking. He had to be up on the mountains. I found two caves, the first one was empty, but had a cache of supplies. The second one had a Great Khan, armed with a sniper. He was the one. We neutralized him and searched the cave. We found another supply cache. Then we reported back to Captain Gilles.

We are now resting at Bitter Springs before heading to the New Vegas Clinic.

Frank out.

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