Apr 4, 2013

Field Logs, Log #13

We left Bitter Springs and headed to Camp Golf in the morning. As with the way North from Camp Golf to Bitter Springs, on the way South we found some cazadores, but few of them which we could neutralize from a distance.

I talked with Sergeant McCredie, who was still grateful for my help at Camp Golf. I told him him what Captain Gilles needed and he happily obliged. That was it for Camp Golf, then off to Forlorn Hope.

The ways to Camp Forlorn Hope was fairly easy. We made our way from Boulder City, passing by it's beach campground and then the city itself. When we arrived, I first told Tech Sarge Reyes to tell her all the stations were upgraded and then I talked to Major Polatli and told him we were ready to take on Nelson and defeating the Legion.

I met Sergeant Cooper, who was leading the attack, outside Nelson. We were ready to teach those Legionaries a lesson. He told me that there were NCR hostages at Nelson and that the main objective was to kill Dead Sea, the Legion leader.

We stormed Nelson and killed most of the Legionaries in little time.But when I regrouped with Craig I saw the only three NCR troopers that came along dead. Before heading on to defeat Dead Sea, though, we freed the crucified NCR soldiers. Then we entered Dead Sea's bungalow. He was expecting us, but we outnumbered him 3 to 1, so we neutralized him quickly. We might have killed him, but it didn't feel like a victory.

I reported back to Major Polatli and he didn't even seem to care about the death of the soldiers in the battle. He simply congratulated me... After I recomposed myself I told him about Captain Gilles' request. After winning at Nelson, he said it wouldn't be much of a problem to reassign troops.

From Camp Forlorn Hope, my next stop would be the NCR Ranger Safehouse. My name as been carried around the NCR so I might as well get some gear to represent it. On my way there the usual Legion Assassins attacked us. Gosh, I swear, those might very well be the end of us someday.

Inside the safehouse I took the liberty of claiming a bed and a footlocker for my own. We also took a long rest. When I woke up, I undressed my armor and took a Ranger Patroling Armor from a shelve, which I wore. Next up, go to The Strip and meet that rascal Benny.

Frank, former-FORMER-NCR, out.

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