Apr 27, 2013

Field Logs, Log #16

After exiting Nellis it was time to go back to the Strip, to report to Ambassador Crocker. I was quite happy about how I accomplished the mission. Outstanding.

I returned to the brightness, loudness and sin of The Strip, only to run to it's oposite end where the NCR was station. The civilized part f the Strip. Civilized... Most of the soldiers were drunk and babling against the Legion and the monorail attack... The monorail attack... God, do I ever do anything right...

Before reporting the results of my assignment to the Ambassador I asked about The Strip's situation. He just me that the town was full of drunks and gamblers, which I already knew. Trying to get his opinion about the NCR soldiers making part of that group didn't seem like the right move. Then I reported about the Boomers, saying they were willing to help the NCR. He was thrilled to know and asked me if I was ready for my next assignment. I was, of course. He said the NCR wasn't welcome around those parts and that the violence rate was rising against NCR citizens and the main suspects were the gang called The Kings. He had two plans. First, "remove" a member of the gang called Pacer. Second, a diplomatic approach to the gang's leader, the King. I told the Ambassador I'd remove Pacer. He was a punk harassing NCR's people.

As tactical soldiers me and Craig decided to take a look around Freeside, where Pacer usually strolls on. While on recon we found a homeless ghoul who'd give us information about Freeside (the kind of information that can be useful) for 30 caps. So I gave it a go. He gave me lots of intel, but about the Pacer character only two things of use: 1st, the Van Graffs family, the owners of the best energy weapons shop around, wanted him dead and that he had a jet problem, which he tried to deal with with the help of the Followers of the Apocalypse. I decided to talk to Crocker to decide which would be better.

When I reported to the Ambassador he had his doubts about the plan to OD Pacer, but I told him that I could easily do it with some Psycho, so he agreed to it. Fortunatly I always carry some different drugs, due to their possible medical use. That said, it was time to carry on with the plan.

By nightfall I entered the Kings' building and searched for Pacer's room (had to guess a bit actually, but got proof it was his). It had to be near the King's room, since Pacer is his second-in-command and when I found the Jet stash I knew I was right. I took a deep breath and did what I needed to do. All I had to do next was wait. We decided to sleep there in The King's Impersonation School, since they were actually friendly and had many beds layin' around.

By the morning I snuck up to the room and peeked in. His body was laying behind the bed. He didn't stand a chance. Then I exited the building, with no intention of coming back. I decided to go to the Silver Rush, Van Graffs' shop, to see if they had anything I wanted and could afford. The front guard stripped me of my weapons before letting me through. I ended up buying only ammunition and a scope for my laser rifle. At least I'll be deadlier from the distance.

I quickly went back to report Pacer's death to the Ambassador. He was pleased to know that his death wouldn't be traced back to the NCR. Another job well done. After that I asked the Ambassador to keep me in mind for any future assignments. He told me there was nothing more for me there, but Colonel Moore, at the Hoover Dam, had requested an audience with me. The Hoover Dam! I was certainly getting recognition around the NCR, which felt great. Craig was happy too. We went straight for it.

Oh Hoover Dam... When I saw it again chills went down my spine. I entered and asked where Colonel Moore might be and went meet her with a bit of a rush. I was kind of excited. She said she had a "real mission" for me, that Crocker's missions were the ones noone would take. Colonel wanted us to... Deal with the Great Khans. That did not go well with Craig. But, the mission was given. We had to do it. The Great Khans would be neutralized, for the NCR's sake.

We'll now rest at one of the common rooms. I fear Craig won't get much sleep...

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