Apr 11, 2013

Field Logs, Log #14

Before heading to The Strip itself I had to stop by Aerotech, to inform poor Frank Weathers that his family was dead. On the way I passed by the monorail tracks... Failure after failure haunted me... I eventually took off again the NCR Ranger armor. I may be back on the NCR, but I don't feel like I deserve a Ranger armor.

The poor man... His wife, daughter... Craig tried his best to confort me, but it wasn't enough...

The Strip was so close to me, though I had to enter via Freeside. I had a long walk ahead of me.

Freeside seemed mostly like a poor Strip. It had one casino, some stores... Nothing much, really. As we approached the place we figured the Strip wasn't for us. Fortunatly there was a NCR branch on the Strip. Then I finally arrived at it's gates. Apparently I had to submit to a credit check to the robots guarding the entrance, since one poor bastard who didn't was shot and blown up right in front of me. I had the bottle caps, so I submitted to the check.

Then I entered. The fabulous New Vegas. I heard only loud music and saw girls whoring up to promote casinos and... And... NCR soldiers puking all around the place... Victor appeared and talked to me. It was a nice surprise. He greeted me and then said that the Strip's leader, Mr. House, wanted to see me. For all my time in the Mojave, this was the first time I heard such a thing. No one had ever seen Mr. House. I accepted the invitation on the spot.

Mr. House was... A monitor. A... monitor... With a face on it... That talked... He asked me what did I make of New Vegas. I told him I prefered the Wasteland. He started lecturing me about how could I prefer a desert, a radioactive desert, filled with barbarians and that would eventually get me killed. But then said my talents could be put to use there, so he wanted something. I wasn't interested in working for everyone but my country, which NCR represented. No I told him I wasn't interested. He said I was the first person to enter the Lucky 38 in 200 years and that it was not an invitation made lightly. He also mentioned my courier contract. My short time as a courier was over though, I was now a part of the NCR. He told me to go, if I wanted to, to enjoy the Strip he had built. He was an arrogant bastard. He even gave me the Lucky 38's presidential suite. I left, with no intentions of returning.

Then to deal with Benny. I thought about it while on the elevator. It had to be done.

On my way out the casino a NCR trooper came to me and gave me a letter from Ambassador Crocker, the NCR representative on the Strip. That was just what I wanted, I could help the NCR instead of going meet Benny. Craig was very pleased too, though he encouraged my revenge.

I entered the Embassy, asked the secretary where the Ambassador was and then reported for duty. He pretty much opened up to me. He confessed that the NCR was in a tight spot between Mr. House and The Legion. He told me the people would suffer if the NCR fell. And he couldn't be more right!

He then told me about a tribe to the North called Boomers. They had invaluable ammunition for us and would be a great help. That is, if I could reach them AND convince them to help the NCR. The Ambassador told me they were hostile to all outsiders, so no one knew how they were.

We slept at the Embassy and in the morning headed North, where the Ambassador told us to. It was a relativelly short way from the Strip. Me and Craig stopped now to develop a strategy, even though we knew nothing about them. We advance in two-three hours.

Frank out.

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