Apr 1, 2013

Field Logs, Log #12

Not aware of the time, we decided to move right on to New Vegas Clinic. Soon the night fell and we were moving through the desert in the dark, trying to be as quick as we could, not to be caught by Cazadores or some creature. But of course, things are never that simple. We were attacked by another group of Legion's Assassins and I blew most of them up with some grenades. ED-E and Craig did the rest.

We arrived at the Clinic and asked Doctor Usanagi if Corporal Betsy could come to her about treating her psycological trauma. The Doctor said that she had expertise in the area, so Corporal Betsy was good to go. Then I left and entered the Crimson Caravan, right outside the clinic. I had to find the books for Lieutenent Markland. When I enetered, Ringo, the civilian I had helped in Goodsprings, came running to me and gave me the caps he promised. I bought the books from a shop keeper and then headed out, to figure out my next move. I decided to pass by Camp McCarran to assign troops to Bitter Springs and then go to Ranger Station Foxtrot to upgrade the radio.

Craig agreed with me to spend the night walking. So we didn't rest until we got to Camp McCarran and even after we left. At Camp McCarran I talked to Clonel Hsu. Before I could say anything, he gave me a key to a Ranger Safehouse where I could rest and re-supply. I saluted and thanked him. Then I told him that Captain Gilles needed more soldiers and the Colonel agreed to reassign some.

Then we headed to Ranger Station Foxtrot. I tried to take a shortcut through the mountains but it didn't pay up, since the path was full of cazadores who found us quick enough. We hid in a Beer Brewery. There we found some ammo, so we didn't go in for nothing.

When we exited the darn beasts were still waiting for us. They attacked us over and over and I used up almost all my ammo to keep us alive. When we got past them, leaving a lot of dead bugs on the ground, I found a dufflebag which countained a reinforced combat armor. I used parts of the one I was wearing to repair the new one I had found and I got myself a slick armor. But, as Craig had warned me, the path we wanted to take was blocked by a mountain we couldn't climb. So we had to go around, fighting even more cazadores. I had had it with those bugs.

After much walking, we finally caught sight of the Station's antenna. I got to the Station and talked the Commander. Before I could say anything, she told me she needed more time for the money and thought I was with the Omertas, a New Vegas family. I was disappointed by her attitude, she was supposed to be a fearless Ranger. Still, I gave her the radio updates and left. Then it was the long ride back to Bitter Springs, to deliver the books.

We ran through the night like shadows, but somehow Legionaries squads still managed to find us. Caesar had great power, no doubt.

We finally got to Bitter Springs after a long run. I talked to Lieutenant Markland and gave him the books he asked me to get. He was very surprised and thankful.

Now we are to take a long rest. I've decided with Craig that we'd stop by Camp Golf and ask to reassign troops to Bitter Springs and then finally head to Forlorn Hope, where we'll battle the Legion and then ask Major Polatli to reassign troops to Captain Gilles.

Frank out.

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