Feb 27, 2013

Field Logs: Log #7

I reported for duty with Captain Curtis. He suggested I asked around Camp to find some answers. Lieutenant Boyd told me there was someone sneaking in at the control tower at night, which was odd since there were only a few people with the codes. She also said she suspected Sargeant Contreras to be smuggling out weaponry.

While searching the Camp I found a female soldier crying. She said her husband was murdered by Fiends and that she could not get the NCR troops to get his body back. She said that her husband was a hero, he saved the rest of his group while he laid covering fire. He didn't deserve to be left out there.

I bought myself a Combat Armor while checking out that Contreras character. I couldn't find nothing that gave away his situation. He had a computer, but I wasn't able to access it.

Since it was still a bit early I went get the NCR Ranger's body back. I figured I should get back just in time to catch the target who was leaking information. Nearby the location that Christina, the widow, told me about there was a small NCR post with two soldiers, who warned me about the Fiends near Ranger Morales' body. I was told to get the body back to them, should I suceed. Which I did.

As soon as I got the body to the soldiers I ran to the Camp, since it was already nightime and the spy could turn up at any time by then.

I went in the tower and there was nobody there. Looked like I was still on time. After that, we just had to wait. I waited for a while and then I saw somebody walking nearby. My sneak skills are not as good as they used to be, because he spotted me. For my surprise, it was Captain Curtis. He told me that he was there to check on his Bravo Company. When I told him what I was doing there he told me to keep doing the job and to follow whoever went in the tower.

I waited a tad longer and then I saw another person heading towards the tower. My binoculars didn't show much, but he seemed to be Captain Curtis, again. And it was. He engaged me as soon as I got into the tower, so I had no choice but to kill him. He was talking with The Legion, that traitor. Got what he deserved. I got from him an activation code for some sort of explosive.

I reported back to Colonel Hsu. And when I did, the Colonel figured it out. Curtis had sabotaged the monorail that links Camp McCarran to The Strip! I ran there as fast as I could. But I was too late... Curtis probably set it up after knowing I was on to him... If only I had been slicker... ARGH!

Colonel Hsu took it too hard on himself when I reported back to him, when it was really my fault.

After being up all night me and Boone decided to get some sleep on the Camp. Just now we were talking and I remembered that Powder Ganger I had found in Nipton, who said the Legion had taken some prisioners. That's where we're headed next.

Frank out.

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