May 1, 2013

Field Logs, Log #17

Good soldiers do what they're told. Yes.

I didn't get much sleep after I've been given the new assignment. I suspect Craig didn't get any sleep at all.

But we are good soldiers. Yes.

We did some trading at the 188 Trading post to get more ammo and to see if there were weapon modifications we could use. We didn't find anything special, so we went on.

It was a long trip. None of us talked. We couldn't. I had never received orders to neutralize so many people. And Craig... Craig had his history with the Great Khans... But the NCR had given us the orders, it was something we had to do.

We were attacked by a Legionarie assassin's squad on our way. Again. Even Craig was starting to grow tired of their attacks. And each one could be the last for us... Sooner or later we had to make Caesar learn that the NCR members are not to be meddled with.

Ahead we found two Powder Gangers. They were being attacked by Fire Geckos, big ones. We could not save them. Not sure if I'd want to. I haven't run into Powder Gangers in some time, but until now they had been nothing but trouble.

We found more Powder Gangers as we got near Red Rock. They... were not hostile, as I'd thought they'd be. Especially since Craig was wearing NCR's outfit. They were near a parking lot with a shack on it. The shack, almost totally destroyed, had a manhole inside. We didn't go in. We had a job to do.

Killed two deathclaw cubs. Relativelly easy kills, if you engage them from a distance and continue firing as they come near. One of them even tried to run off.

Bonnie Springs was swarming with gangsters. We knew their kind, didn't even have to approach to know they had to be neutralized. Good target practising actually.

As I was about to enter the Great Khans lair I saw a basement door to one of the burnt down house that didn't seem destroyed. We went in, approaching with caution. Turned out to be a Great Khan armory.

We looked at each other and took a deep breath. It was as good as a place to start as any other. They didn't even see it coming. For them, I was just an old guy showing his young companion the sights.

So it had begun. We had the rest of them to neutralize. We exited the basement and got to it. Used my scoped laser rifle to desintegrate any of them walking by, one by one, without any of them noticing. As night fell, so did the Khans, one by one, shot by shot. I tried to do most of the killing, for Craig's sake.

Two poor souls had just gone to sleep and I planted a grenade on one of them. Maybe that's for the best, didn't know of anything, died on their sleep.

By 1AM only the Great Khan longhouse was left for us to kill. We assumed that would be where the leader was.

Everyone but two people were awake at the longhouse. No one knew what was going oon, so no one was bothered when a stranger walked inside. They got a little bothered when the old stranger pulled his shotgun out. A whole lot bothered when the stranger started doing what he had to do. We killed everyone. Their leader didn't even had a chance, walked out of his room to my left, still on his pajamas, scared expression because of his men, immediatly got shot in the face because of my quick reflexes. Only one man was left standing. He was not hostile, so we didn't attack. He talked to me. Said he was warned about me, because I was a great enemy of Caesar. I asked who he was and he said he was a Legion's missionary, sent to the Great Khans as a token of their alliance. The conversation ended there.

The mission was completed.

Good soldiers do what they're told.

Good soldiers do what they're told.

We made our way back to the Hoover Dam as fast as we could. We need confort and we could only find that in the arms of the nation that we love. Or it's bunker.

On my way back to Hoover Dam the Sun was rising right in front of me, over the mountains. It felt good, the warmth... I... I... The warmth of the sun on my face got mixed with the warmth that came from the tears streaming down from my eyes. For all I know, those people were trying to be peaceful and got mislead by Caesar. I... I've got no way to know now... Orders are orders...

We're back at Hoover Dam, decided to rest before reporting in to Colonel Moore.

Frank out.

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