May 5, 2013

Field Logs, Log #18

We looked at each other for a while, me and Craig. We had done our mission. We were good soldiers. But did that make us good people? We wouldn't talk about it, just looked at each other. Then I finally got up. Craig looked at me for a while longer and then got up too. We met Colonel Moore at her office and told her the Khans were neutralized. "Good riddance" she said. God.

Then she gave us our next mission. We had to go The Strip, to the Gomorrah, Casino, because she thought the Omertas were having an operation against the NCR. She told us to meet Liza O'Malley at the Embassy. So we left Hoover Dan for yet another mission.

We were still stressed about the last mission so we had to blow off steam on our way. We did some target practice on ravens and bloatflies, as we found them.

So, back at the Strip. I am too old to like the noise, the lights, the casinos, the drunk people. At that point it was just annoying to have to go back there. I looked at every Securitron I passed by on my way to the Embassy, knowing that House was looking back at me. Another reason for me not to like The Strip.

We hadn't had any sleep since our mission at Red Rock, so once we arrived at the Embassy we went straight to the common rooms.

In the morning I went to the front desk to talk to O'Malley. She told me that the Gomorrah's receptionist owed the NCR and she could tell me all she knew about the Omertas as a return of the favor.

Once I entered Gomorrah I was approached by the bouncer, who wanted all my weapons. It's not like I had any choice. I talked to the receptionist and she sounded sad to be asked for the favor. I ignored that reaction. Then she told about an Omertas Lieutenent named Cachino, who had been doing side business that the rest of the Family wouldn't like. I'd try to talk to him.

The receptionist was a loudmouth. I didn't even did a two minute search and I saw a bald man coming towards me. He was Cachino and already knew I wanted to know something about him. I told him that I knew something about his side business and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. I couldn't get him to talk. I tried to find his room, gather as much information as I could. When I found it, though, it was locked. I found Cachino again, sitted on the back of the strip lounge. It was dark, probably he didn't want anyone to recognize him. Good pick for a pickpocket. I didn't find any keys but managed to grab a note-pad-like journal. I went in the corner to read it and it had all the intel I needed. Seemed like he sold weapons and drugs aside from the Omertas. I approached him, threw the journal on the table and sat next to him. Then we started talking. His attitude changed real quick. I was able to sold him back the journal for 300 caps and get him to help me. He said the Bosses were getting weapons like they were going to fight a war with help from hire named Troike. There was also another new hire, to run the place, named Clanden. Troike was a junkhead who smuggled weapons into the Strip and had recently killed a prostitute and Clanden was just a... "shifty character". He gave me a key to the Omertas' private club and told everyone I was his friend so I could move around easily.

I had to look into Clanden and Troike. I looked around the Gomorrah. First one I found was Troike, in the Lower Lobby. I asked him about the prostitute. He said he had blacked out and when he woke she was stabbed next to him, by a knife. I asked him where did the knife come from and he said it was his own switchblade, I asked him what did he took and he told me buffout, jet and whiskey. As a medic, I knew that wasn't enough for him to blackout so much time. It seemed to me like they killed the girl and pinned it on Troike so that they could have leverage on him and make him smuggle the guns. We had to find the evidence.

I went in Big Sal's - one of the bosses - room and logged into his computer. I unlocked the safe and inside was a note confirming my suspicion. So I went back for Troike. He wasn't very pleased to know it. He'd use the note as a "get out of jail card", in case they decided to rat him out to Mr. House or the NCR. Then he was ready to tell me about the gun shipments. He said they kept the guns in the basement, that they came from a contact of his inside the NCR. That was bad. To destroy the weapons, he told me he had thermite, that could melt them all. He gave me the thermite and told me what I should do. He'd just disappear after we talked.

I went in the basement, placed the thermite on all the crates - which were a lot - and then left the room and turned on the switch he said would provoke a spark that would ignite the thermite. The whole place melted down. I had to be fast.

Returned to Cachino to see if there was anything more to do after destroying the weapons. He told me it was a nice job, but it wouldn't count for much if Big Sal and Nero, the bosses, were still alive. He had a meeting with both of them, which would be one of the only oportunities to catch them both together. He gave me a gun and led me to them.

At the meeting Big Sal told me that he knew what I had done and that I had only slowed them, not stopped. Just like Cachino had said. So I pulled off the gun Cachino gave me and started the gun fight. Blew both of their heads off. Cachino would take over the casino from there. I told him I'd keep my eyes open for trouble in the Gomorrah, so he's better watch it.

After all that it was time to return to Hoover Dam. Like the trip to The Strip, we didn't have any problems. Once again, it was nightime when we arrived so we went straight for the dorms. We smiled at each other before going to bed. I'm off to sleep now. First thing in the morning is reporting to Colonel Moore.

Frank out.

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