May 14, 2013

Field Logs: Log #19

I reported back to Colonel Moore and she congratulated me on the good job with the Omertas. Then she said they had discovered something much worse. Mr. House. Not discovered HIM, but discovered his intentions. He was planning something to do on the Hoover Dam battle, but she didn't know what. But still wanted me to kill him. I wasn't confortable with that, Mr. House was a great man that had done sacrifices. We may not see eye to eye, but I don't think it's fair... I asked her if they had proof. She said Securitron had been sighted spying on the NCr and the Legion and that the estimated Securitron number was four times the expected. Then I asked if killing Mr. House wouldn't be bad for New Vegas. "It's not my problem".

It's for the Republic, right?

Me and Craig keep telling ourselves that.

We went all the way up to The Strip again. It was starting to get tiresome. Morale was low. Very low.

We could see the Strip in the horizon. I could only focus on the Lucky 38. It was like House was watching me, every single moment. Except this walk would be the last he'd see from me, because once I reach my destination...

I threw up on the way. Craig pat me in the back. He understood me. Following orders had never been easy. But I never had this spec ops job. I was just the medic. All this killing, we don't even know for sure if they deserve it...

Fiends... Just what I needed. And I mean it. It actually felt good to shoot my gun knowing that someone was getting what they had coming and not just because I was ordered to shoot my gun. But when I pulled my gun he had disappeared. I investigated the area where I saw him and saw a manhole. I went down and saw nothing. Was I hallucinating? Craig didn't see him, too. I'm becoming an old crook.

Only when I got to The Strip I thought: How would I get to Mr. House? I knew he had to have a body somewhere, only didn't know where. Probably would be too safely guarded and the way could only be opened by House himself. So Craig gave me the idea of a masterkey. What if there was a master key? And so I thought... The Platinum Chip. House wanted it so dearly that it should be useful for all his systems! Best shot we had, anyway. Where was the Platinum Chip?


I went in The Tops and was stripped out of my weapons, as in the Gomorrah. So I couldn't just blast my way through the casino threatening Benny. I had to think. I saw a man on the entrance counter that looked like one of the big guys, because every staff passed by him asking questions. So I talked to him. I told him Benny was making his own play and showed him the cigarette butts that were by my grave and the lighter that I took from the Khan at Boulder City. He told me I had to find something to get him arrested and I said it was too late for that, he had to be dealt with. I just said that because he probably had the Chip with him, so I couldn't let the guy keep him of his suite.

They gave us our weapons back and we took the elevator. I was nervous. The guy did shot me in the head.

I found him. He was afraid, too. He thought I went there to kill him. He was actually too nervous. Reached for his pocket. Me and Craig put holes in him like there was no tomorrow. We needed an escape valve, Benny was it. I took the Platinum Chip out of one of his pockets and headed out.

To make matters worst, I remembered that nor Craig nor ED-E could go up with me to the Penthouse.. It was a solo mission.

I got to the penthouse and didn't say a word to the giant monitor that represented Mr. House. He was expecting me to say somthing so he didn't talk either. Once he saw me go to the terminal on the left of the monitor, though... Securitrons started rolling towards me, I flashed the Chip and inserted it. It worked! The wall opened and a room with an elevator revealed. I got into the elevator before getting too shot up. Gt some grazed wounds only. Locked the elevator behind me so I didn't have any more problems.

Then I arrived at the control room... A cryogenic capsule with a shrivled body inside. That's what the great Mr. House was. But still... I can't imagine being alive for that long... The pain. I've been around for little more than 60 years and I'm sick of this, I can't even imagine more than 200! I opened the chamber with the terminal besides it. A platform held his body vertically, gripping him and preventing him from falling off the platform and being broken like a dry leaf.

"Why have you done this? Centuries of preparation, so much good undone." What if he's right? What if he could be the best ho-- God damnit what am I saying?! The NCR... What could provide a best future than the NCR, right? I told them I was only doing this for the NCR. He called them... Snakes... And called me a... A sad, misguided whore. I froze for a second. What if he was right. All this ordering around... Just because they want to... But... Democracy... Republic... It's.. It's the best for everyone. Yes.

I quickdrew my rifle and shot him twice. I didn't even wanted to look. Just had to leave that place.

All the Securitrons on the Penthouse just stood still as I walked by and went for the elevator. A sad day for New Vegas... I guess...

Craig didn't ask any questions. Just nodded and then we went on our way to the Dam.

Colonel Moore was glad that Mr. House was not a threat anymore. She told me that President Kimball was coming to visit and preparations were being made. That was great. We needed the morale. At least me and Craig did. But she had one more mission for me before the President came though. She wanted me to find and destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. More killing. I asked if there was no peaceful solution and she just mocked me.

So I know what I must do. We're getting some rest here, then we're of to kill. For the Republic.

Frank out.

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