May 18, 2013

Field Logs: Log #20

We went to HELIOS One, since Colonel Moore told us there was a passage there that led to the location where the Brotherhood had been spotted.

On our way there we were attacked by the Legion. They were more and more ferocious by the attack. Well, only makes sense, right?

I passed by the HELIOS One station and then found the path that Colonel Moore informed us about. She didn't tell us it was a radscorpion nest, though. Jesus Christ, I had never seen so many scorpions together in my life. But we handled them. That's what we do.

I found the place. It had a fence, lots of danger signs and bunkers hidden in the dunes. I had to find out in which bunker where they holed up in.

I must be pretty damn lucky; or pretty damn UNlucky. The first bunker I went into was the Brotherhood's. I went down a flight of stairs and through a door, but the door locked itself and left me alone in a room, while Craig and ED-E staid behind. After that three Brotherhood of Steel soldiers walked in the room by a door oposide to the one that locked itself and told me to get undressed and unarmed. I was outnumbered and the weapon I had readied wouldn't even make a scratch on their armor. So I complyed and they took me to their Elder - the leader.

The Elder wanted to know how did I find them, at first. But what he really wanted was the help that an outsider like me could give him. He wanted me to do jobs for them. Before I could even reply he had his goons strap me an explosive collar. If I wandered too far my head would blow off. The first job was to get rid of a NCR Ranger that was staying on one of the bunkers. They were worried he might find them out. I had no choice but to do it.

I went out the Brotherhood's bunker and headed south. Caught the NCR Ranger leaving on patrol. I followed him as fast as I could, so that I wouldn't catch him too far off the valley and collar would go off. I knew the model though, so I knew that once it would start beeping it was time for me to back down. I told him he had to leave because the Brotherhood had their base there and they'd sent me after him. He looked at my collar and believed me, or at least gave me the benefit of the doubt. He knew how to disarm the collar. He took it off and told me to head back to his camp to go over what I had seen and to know for sure if I indeed had seen the Brotherhood of Steel. Once he took the collar off Brotherhood members came out from behind a rock and started attacking. They must have had a microphone put in the collar and were spying on me. We killed them all, the plasma grenades I had stacked prooved quite usefull.

Dobson, the Ranger, believed me by then. He said he'd report it to the base. Now all I had to do was neutralize the Brotherhood, as was asked. I recovered a weapon from their bodies that would help me do that. Seemed quite powerful. Also recovered the bunker key from one of them. That would give me the access I needed.

I entered and they were all looking out for me. So much death... So much destruction... For the Republic. I try to blame it on them. To put the blood on their hands. But I can't wash it out of mine. Never will be able to do that.

We cleared the first level. It was rough. Both the fight and the act. I would I live with myself after this? And there was still another level to go.

The second level was filled with both scribes and heavy soldiers. And even their leader, McNamara, joined the fight. Didn't last long.

I found the Self-Destruct terminal. True that I had killed them all, but I wanted to blow it up anyway. I told myself it was to prevent more Brotherhoods to settle or to prevent raiders to get in somehow and find all that tech. But the truth was I didn't want nobody to see that. What I did. What I was made to do. So I had to find three keycards. The computer told me which ones, so I picked them up from the corpses., inserted them and ran like hell. Once I got outside, heard a big boom, the earth shook and smoke started coming out of the vents that connected the bunker to the outside.

I can't stop shaking, crying. Got to lay down,

Frank out.

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