May 19, 2013

Field Logs: Log #21

We struggled with ourselves to get back to Hoover Dam. Fortunatle the President was coming to visit. Morale boost. As I said, God knows both meand Craig could use it.

On our way we were attacked by the Legionarie Assassin's squad. We were so full of anger and disgust that this one seemed the easiest squad to deal with so far. But then another one hit us. It was so unexpected, so close to one another that I was unprepared and they did a number on me.

We got to the Dam. Our base. The Republic's base. That does mean it is our base. We have prooven ourselves to be of the Republic, probably more than anyone else.

I reported to Colonel Moore and she was relieved that the Brotherhood had been eliminated. She... she... How can she say such things. How could she imagine what they got through and even what I, the killer, got through?!

My plans to boost morale with President Kimball were cut short when Moore assigned me to the security squad. She was sure the Legion would try to assassinate the President and I had to prevent it from happening, no matter what. It was a mission I took gladly, even in my state of mind. I was to report for duty to Ranger Grant.

When I reported, Grant told me we had much to do and not much time. Figures. I asked for everything, full access, visit itinerary and any other information they may have had. I had to look out for direct attacks and sabotages.

While checking the order dispach computer I noticed another person aside Ranger Grant. It changed the text, but it was still similar to Grant's writting. Probably whoever hacked it used a code so that we wouldn't know specifically what they were talking about. I only knew that I should beware of the sniping locations. I also found out that an engineer would be given access to the President's vertibird. Had to make sure he wasn't a saboteur.

Then I found a woman engineer who was looking for her friend, who was supposed to meet her there. Poor woman. I guessed she had lost her friend permanetly and the person who killed him took his engineer jumpsuit to sneak up to the vertibird. Shit.

I looked for the missing man around the visitor's centre. I found a bloodstain on the supply closet, with a bloody wrench next to it. He was dead alright. But no body.

I went ouside and checked the Visitor Centre's roof, where the vertibird would land. There was nothing there. Also checked the AA gun console and nothing unusual. Then Craig told me where would he be if he was the one sniping. The Visitor Centre's roof and the tower behing the stage. Those two were secured by our own Rangers, but the Legion could try something.

I took a deep breath. I couldn't do anything more but wait for the attackers to take action.

I reported to Ranger Grant and the vertibird appeared on the horizon right next. It landed safely. That's a victory already. Still need more victories, though. I didn't look away from the tower behind the stage. And, unfortunatly, it paid back. I saw someone appear behind the sniper and push him off the tower. I ran there as fast as I could. I couldn't let him take the shot. I got there and shot the bastard in the face, no questions asked. Couldn't afford the time for questions. I went back to the Visitor Centre's roof and examined the vertibird. It already had a bomb planted... Christ. I got nervous, but Craig told me to relax. The worst part was to find it, and that I had done. So I defused it and removed it, calmly.

I couldn't think of anything else. I was at the Centre's roof, preventing anyone to go there and kill the other sniper. I was sniping myself, taking a look around over the audience. There was only one engineer. It seemed fishy, but didn't actually mean anything.

And so the speech ended. Sadly, the President forgot the microphone was still on after he finished and we could all have a glimpse of what he thought of the Mojave's NCR. "Let's get fuck out of here." I... Sometimes I feel ashamed. But we have to live with rules and by the rules. So I keep supporting the NCR. To the end.

I reported back to Colonel Moore. She congratulated me on a job well done and told me to report to General Oliver, who had arrived in the meantime at Hoover Dam and was waiting for me in his office. Yes sir.

He was in a rush. told me we had to be quick if we wanted to keep the element of surprise. I didn't know what he was talking about though. He told me that because of the tasks I had completed we had conditions to attack directly The Fort. Once he told me that though, a soldier stormed in saying the Dam was under attack and that the Legionaries were coming from a camp from the eastern bank, cammanded by someone called Legate. So my new mission was to neutralize the Legate and stop the attack on the Dam.

I'm logging out for now.  Have to focus on the upcoming event. For the Republic.

Frank out.

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