May 21, 2013

Field Logs: Log #22

As soon as I got out of the General's office I saw a Legion squad attempting to assault the head engineer. God, I had no idea they were already that close. Me, Craig and ED-E were able to neutralize them before they did any harm. We were going to give everything we got. This was the last stand.

We fought through the Power Plant and into the Dam's Lower Level. I started to fear for my ammo and health supplies. Should've re-supplied when I had the chance. We cleared all the Legionaries in the Lower Level - the ones making the ambush - and then returned to the Power Plant level.

I started looting the dead bodies as much as I could. I mean, my mission was to take out the Legate himself and we all knew only a portion of what he could do. I had to be prepared.

And finally we got to the exit. But outside there was hell too. We had help from Rangers, but even so it was hard. They didn't even make it to the Dam's checkpoint. So from there, we thought we were on our own.

It was pitch black dark when we got out of the checkpoint. Harder for them to see us, but harder for us to see them, too. But just when we were advancing Craig called me and told me to look back. A whole unit of Veteran Rangers was assigned to assist us with our assault on the camp. I told them to follow me, we would attack the Legate head on.

And so getting to the camp was easier than I expected. And there we were, at our enemy's base. The Rangers orders were that only one went to the camp with me. I spat on the ground, hoping they didn't see it. Inside the camp we killed all the legionaries. There weren't as much as I thought there'd be. But at the end of the camp, there he stood... The Legate. So big, so tough. I honestly didn't think we were a match for him.

But still, there he stood. I aimed my gun at him from the distance and saw him look right through the scope. He also thought we were no match for him, so he let me, on purpose, take the first shot. And by that shot, the battle was decided. He took the shot like the beast he was and ran towards us. Then everything happened very fast. I saw the Veteran Ranger being decapitated, then a huge, huge pain. even blacked out. When I woke up I couldn't feel my leg, the left one. Hell, I didn't have it. By my side there was ED-E, or what was left of him. Looked up and Lanius, full of holes, had trespassed Craig with his blade. I didn't scream, I couldn't. I reached for my gauss rifle and shot him one more time. That did it. I guessed. The shot made a blast - like any other gauss rifle shot - and when I was able to look at the Legate, he was gone. No body. Found both of his arms, his blade and his helmet, only. God damn it. GOD DAMN IT.

I was able to drag myself through the camp. Towards the end, General Oliver and his men appered. they grabbed me and took me away, because I needed medical assistance. The General talked with me while on transport. Telling me I did a damn fine job and that he was surprised I got out alive. What about Craig? And the fallen Rangers? ED-E, even. But I couldn't say that. Didn't have the strength in me. I asked what would happen next. He told me I'd be awarded with the Golden Branch and that the NCR would take control of the entire Mojave, at last.

Freedom for everyone. The Republic would assure that.

Everyone but me.

I'm a prisioner of my failures and my loneliness. I am a dying old man, with no leg. Lost all my friends, if I ever had any. Spent my life following orders. And this is where it led me. A life of endless roam, forever alone.

Frank over and out.

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