Feb 11, 2013

Field Logs: Log #2

Log #2

As I entered Primm I had my first NCR contact for a long time. A soldier told me that the town was off limits because it was filled with escaped convicts from the NCR Correctional Facility. When I asked why wouldn't they help he pointed me to Lieutenent Hayes. He said that they were outnumbered by the convicts, making it hard to do anything to help the town. So I went in, both helping them and also searching for answers.

I talked to Johnson Nash, owner of the Mojave Express, my former boss, that is. He told me that Victor, the robot that dug me up, ordered those packages, including the Platinum Chip that got me killed. He also said that there was someone that turned down the job when he saw me next on the list. Wonder who that can be. Finally he said that his Deputy, the one who knew where I could find the attackers, was kidnapped, so I had to save him.

I found the Deputy. He refused to talk before I cleared the rest of the convicts, and refused to help me too. I cleared the convicts and headed back to the casino where the town was holed up, to talk to the Deputy. He told me that the attackers were headed to Novac via Nipton. He also asked me to help bring law to town and I immediatly thought of the NCR, that was already settled outside Primm.

I spoke to Lieutenet Hayes about Primm and he told me to go to the Mojave Outpost, to get some more bodies to the NCR force in Primm.

On my way to the Outpost I was looking for some place to sleep and was attacked by a pack of Radscorpions. Awful creatures, I feared for the worst.

Once in the Outpost, Major Knight told me that some men were going to be sent to Primm. Also, while I was there I asked Ranger Jackson if he needed help and he told me that he could use someone to clear the rods of giant ants. And so I did. He gave me a service Rifle for it, made it completly worth it. On the way out I talked to Ranger Ghost, who asked me to look out for Nipton as she saw some smoke and the town might be in trouble.

Went to Lieutenet Hayes again and he said the Primm situation was delt with, Primm was now NCR territory! Still in Primm, I fixed a robot, whose name might be ED-E (at least that's how am going to call him) and now he follows me around. Might come in handy.

Heading to Nipton now, guard up.

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