Feb 17, 2013

Field Logs: Log #5

I stopped by HELIOS One before heading into Boulder City, to see if they needed anything. But they didn't even let me through. I understood why, they don't have room for trust. I just have to make my name known around the NCR more.

At Boulder City's entrance there was a memorial stone to the Hoover Dam battle and the soldiers that lured some Legionaries  to town and blew it up. There was a nice young soldier there, paying his respects to his older brother.

Further into town I was aproached by a NCR soldier, Lieutenet Monroe, who told me to be carefull because they had a Great Khan situation. Apparantly my attackers holed themselves in the ruins and took NCR hostages. I told him I'd sneak in there and get the hostages out, as soon as it was dark. I used a stealth boy that I got from a Nightkin to sneak in the building and releasing the two prisioners. Then the NCR took out all the Great Khans outside their hideout. But I had to get in myself, with Boone and ED-E. I went in and they didn't want to talk any, started shooting immediatly. Thankfully their aim was bad and we neutralized them. Jessup, their leader, had a note on him that was proof that he was my attacker and Benny's lighter. Needless to say, Benny wasn't with them. I'm assuming he betrayed them and went back to New Vegas.

That question resolved, I made my way to New Vegas again. I slept in a caravan protected by some NCR soldiers, maybe they were camped there.

Then heading into New Vegas I made some stops. First one was at the Aerotech Office Park, NCR territory. I talked to Frank Weathers, a man I found there. He said his family was captured and enslaved by the Legion. I said I'd help, since I already had to help the slaves that the Powder Ganger in Nipton told me about. He said they were most likely at Cottonwood Cove, a Legion camp.

I talked to Captain Parker, the man in charge of the Office Park and he told me they were having problems with missing people and with a man in the Park that had a gambling operation and was cheating people. I investigated the man first and found proof that both suspicions that Captain Parker had were true. He was both cheating and selling drugs. Then, before I reported back to the Captain, I went and searched for the missing refugees.

I went to Westside and investigated the two people Captain Parker asked me to investigate, Saint James and Durmont. Turns out they were, indeed, the ones selling the refugees. From what I understood, they were selling them to Fiends, a raider group. When I confronted them they attacked me, but I blew both their heads off. They deserved even more. They sold not only adults but teens, children and even a new born baby.

Then I went back to Aerotech Office Park. Being so close to The Strip felt... Weird.

I slept in the Park after I reported to Captain Parker and then headed off to Camp McCarran. There I found the First Recon squad, which made me and Boone smile. Then I talked to Major Dhatri and he said there were three Fiends whose heads he wanted. He'd pay me bounty money. But as long as I'm helping the NCR, I'm at peace.

Most Fiends use energy weapons. I tried one and I actually liked it... Eh, an old geezer liking the newest technology instead of the old stuff, huh?

I killed the three Fiends and got the heads, but one of them was all mangled because Boone managed to destroy it with an headshot.

Major Dhatri was very pleased when I showed him the heads, except for Violet's, although he took my word as in it was indeed Violet.

Since I was at Camp McCarran I spoke to Colonel Hsu, who's in charge. I asked how could I help and he said a lot more bad things that I was expecting: The Fiends at Vault 3 were becoming a problem, they had a Legionarie under arrest but couldn't get him to talk and someone inside the NCR was giving out information. I told the Colonel I would take out the Fiends first and rescue the Ranger they had sent there.

I'll sleep at the Camp and attack in the morning. Frank out.

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