Feb 24, 2013

Field Logs: Log #6

Once I exited Camp McCaran I was aproached by a ranger who gave me a radio to communicate with the rest of the NCR, so they could give me back up. I was finally getting noticed again.

I headed to South Vegas Ruins, where the Fiends' base was located, Vault 3. They were ruthless but reckless. Me, Boone and ED-E meutralized the ones guarding the entrance, making then a run for the door. We had no idea what to expect inside.

They were so many inside... I almost lost Boone. But in the end he could get up. He's tough. We had a lot of cleaning up to do inside of that Vault. I had never seen so much evil together. I found Ranger Bryce Anders, a Ranger sent in by Colonel Hsu to neutralize Motor Runner. He was injured, though. He wanted to take out Motor Runner all by himself but I saw that his wound was on the verge of an infection. I cured him on the spot with one of the doctor bags I had on me. Then he joined me, Boone and ED-E in our mission to kill the Fiend leader.

That fool of a Ranger! One of his traps set off as soon as we got out of his hideout, killing him and injuring me, Boone and ED-E! Damn it. The Fiends had hostages on the living quarters of the Vault. They said there was a Fiend in the room area that had the key for their cell. Going through the rooms I saw how pittyful the Fiends were. Many of them were dead on the bed, O.D.'d from a mixture of God knows what. I freed the captives and they made their own way out the Vault. I only had to take care of Motor Runner now.

After much time inside that damned Vault, I finally disposed of Motor Runner. Took his helmet in order to proove it to Colonel Hsu.

When I exited the Vault it was nightime. I made a run for Camp McCaran, since I don't see so well at my old age and it's easier to catch me off guard at night. I slept there before reporting back to Colonel Hsu.

The Colonel was very pleased when I brought him the helmet. Then I asked him if I could look at his Legionarie POW situation. He said I could try and so I did. Lieutenant Boyd instructed me to get in the cell and beat the Legionarie Centurion until he gave us answers. It was the only tactic we had left. But I managed to get him to talk. He told me two things: one, Colonel Hsu's suspicions on someone being leaking information were true, since the Legion had a spy right there on Camp McCarran; and two, Caesar was sick. He told me he had headaches and his skin was pale. It could be many things, from a simple mindgrain to a head tumor. I'm rooting for the last one.

I reported to Colonel Hsu and told him next I'd look into the NCR leak. I'm just taking a break now.

Frank out.

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