Feb 7, 2013

Field Logs: Log #1

Resetting field logs.

Log #1

Almost got KIA'd. Well, not KIA'd but killed, close enough. I knew I shouldn't have taken the Courier job. Got ambushed for a big Platinum Chip that I was carryin'. A man in a checkered suit and some Great Khans. I knew the Great Khans due to my past in the NCR.

They shot me in the head and buried me alive, thinking I was dead.

I ended up waking up in Goodsprings, right next to the cemetery. Doc Mitchel had taken care of me, I can't thank him enough. Said the town robot had dug me out of my hole and I turned out to be alive. After getting me up from bed the Doc ran some tests, to see if the bullet had done some physical or mental damage. The machine he had to run the physical test came up with the results of 6 for strength, 7 for perception, 4 for endurance, 4 for charisma, 6 for intelligence, 6 for agility and 7 for luck. Guess I'm not the man I was 20 years ago, when I was with the NCR... After the mental exams Doc told me my skills were Medicine, Repair and Guns. Almost like he guessed that I was the medic soldier. He said I had a problem with my eyes, so it was best that I would wear glasses anytime I could.

I talked to Victor as soon as I got out of Doc's house, to thank him and see if he could point me in
the right direction. Didn't say anything useful so I just followed the Doc's advice and talk to Sunny Smiles.

Quick edit: First I went to Goodsprings cemetery, where I was buried, to find some evidence. Found some peculiar cigarette butts, must've belonged to the guy in the fancy suit.

Helped that girl Sunny clear the town wells from geckos. Poor girl saw her dog die right in front of her... She told me to go speak to Trudy, because she might know something about where I should go.

Trudy pointed me in the right direction, but before I asked her something I heard an argument. She was arguing with Joe Cobb, a Powder Ganger. Trudy explained that those Powder Gangers were former NCR prisioners. If so, they are bad people. I will deal with them here in Goodsprings and then report them to the nearest NCR post.

They were delt with easily enough, the whole town joined in the fight.

I made my way to Primm right after that. It was night so I had to sleep somewhere. Found a wrecked RV with some beds in it, spent the night there.

Log over.

Me after Doc Mitchel patched me up.

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