Feb 14, 2013

Field Logs: Log #3

Took a shortcut to Nipton through a deserted area, didn't run to any danger. Once I got to completely destroyed and burnt Nipton I recognized the flags at the town's entrance... The Legion. So far west? How is it possible? Are they planning a surprise attack on the NCR?

I don't know what got more my attention, the heads on spikes by the banners or the Powder Ganger jumping around all happy, telling me he had won the lottery. I didn't know what kind of lottery though.

Went in the town's general store to find some civillians, but only found one crippled Powder Ganger. He told me what had happened though. He told me "The Legion happened". He said they had some kind of lottery and killed everyone except first, second and third places. Fisrt place was the one I had seen earlier, second was this one, who had his legs broken by hammers and third places were enslaved. He told me they took the slaves East. Probably to some major camp they have set. Gave the guy one Med-X and left the store.

When I headed to town's center it was an horrific sight. Powder Gangers crucified on both sides of the road, heads on spikes, burnt tires with skeletons... Some Legionaries were still in town. I was outnumbered 5 to 2. Maybe because I wasn't wearing NCR vests they didn't shoot on sight and just talked to me. Told me to spread the word of their... "Justice". I asked them why they had slaughtered innocent people and he just told me they were to blame for being cowards. I spat on the ground and told him his crimes were unforgivable. The Legion's crimes were unforgivable. He told me I should attack him and I just looked at him furiously.

The Powder Gangers couldn't be freed without bleeding to death, so I just put the poor bastards out of their misery. Never in my many years had I seen such a massacre.

On the road to Novac I spotted an ambush. A frag mine was under a traffic cone. I figured it should have been bandits. And it was. I dispached one of their spotters and ED-E, the robot I got, neutralized the grenade rifle man, while another one had escaped.

Further on I spotted some Legionaries in hiding. I figured I'd just walk by, since I was once again outnumbered. As I walked I started hearing shooting and saw them slaughtering a group of traders. I turned back and helped them, being then able to defeat the Legionaries. They seemed headed to Novac and were one mercenary short because of the attack, so I escorted them for a while.

Good thing I escorted the traders. Right outside an NCR Ranger Station (Charlie) they were attacked by three Legionaries, but were able to neutralize them with no casualties.

Before continuing the escort I went in the Station to see if the Rangers needed anything, which they didn't, so I just ran back to the traders and rode with them.

Finnaly we arrived on Novac. It is dark so I'm going to rent a room and spend the night there.

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