Feb 16, 2013

Field Logs: Log #4

I went to the sniper spot to speak to Manny Vargas. When I got there, it wasn't his shift yet. I met this guy that was in a bad mood. But he quickly went from disliking me to ask me a favor. Poor bastard, had his wife taken away by The Legion. And he was sure someone in town set it up with those slavers. He told me his wife was already dead and he just wanted the bastard that had sold her to The Legion. He told me to find whoever did it and to bring them in front of the dinosaur, then put his NCR barrett on. He was a former NCR, from what I gathered. Like me.

I asked around all day until a weird gentleman called No-bark told me, among other non-sense, that he saw one of the "shadowy folks" enter the motel's lobby. So I waited until there was nobody there to look around a little. In the lobby I found a Bill of Sale, in a safe. The owner of the hotel had done it. Snake.

Her name was Jeannie. I went to her house, woke her up, and said that there was something she should see in front of the dinosaur. I'll never forget that snake's head simply exploding right in front of me. That boy was a deadshot. I went up the dinosaur to the sniper spot and talked to him. He said that he wouldn't be staying in town, that the only purpose of his life now was hunt for Legionaries. That he was going to be a wanderer "like me". So I told him to come with me.

The boy, name's Boone, was troubled, didn't really talk to me much. He was indeed once in the NCR, a sniper. I was going to help that young man. I liked him. Besides, he gave me a first recon barett, making us look pretty slick together.

I had to continue my pursuit for my attackers. We slept at the motel, waiting for the other sniper, Manny, to go up the dinosaur. Manny said that I had to help him for him to help me. Some ghouls were settled in REPCONN facility, cutting off the town's junk supply. I had to get rid of them.

Before we entered the facility itself we had tp get rid of some feral ghouls. Once we got inside a ghoul talked to me through the intercom. At least he sounded like a ghoul... Told me to meet him and so I did. A Nightkin, a sort of Super Mutant but grey and with an addiction for stealth boys, was dead at the lobby. Must've been some mess going on there. When I got to where I was told to go, I was greated by a human, instead of the ghould I was expecting. Weird though, he thought he really was a ghoul... He belonged to a group of ghouls called Bright Brotherhood, that were led by Jason Bright. He told me that his group was going to do a "Great Journey", to reach the "Far Beyond", some kind of promise land... The problem was that the "demons" which I knew to be the Nightkin, had made it impossible to reach the launch pad. So he asked me to deal with them.

The Nightkin were keeping some sort of jail in the basement. Inside I found only a dead female ghoul. I had killed already many Nightkin before I entered one last room. There there was a ghoul in tactical sniper position to shoot anyone that came through the door. He was the Bright Brotherhood's escort and got trapped in the basement with another ghoul. Which was the one I had found. When I told him he got a little shook up, but came down from his position and followed me to the rest of the group.

Once I told Jason the Nightkin were gone, they all went running towards the basement and I followed. Outside the launch pad he told that he needed one more thing before from me and that I needed to speak to Chris, the human. He told me that the rockets required thrust control modules and the fuel igniting agent in order to be launched. Boone told me he saw through his scope a boy die by almost bathing in a glowy fluid, which might have been it. And after quite a walk we found out that it was. We found him and turns out the poor boy was just trying out his new radiation suit... Oh well, he had the exact component that Chris was looking for. Then I went to a junkyard near Novac, that belonged to Old Lady Gibson. Damned thrust control modules were expensive...

I talked to Chris, he fixed the rockets and then they were good to go. It brought a smile to my old geezer face, watching them take flight to some kind of promise land... Well, the ghould problem was taken care of, so I could speak to Manny.

I visited his room at the motel and for my surprise Chris was there. I'm not the judging type. He told me the guy I was looking for was named Benny and was headed to Boulder City. I then talked to Manny about himself, since he had been friends with Boone. He had been a Khan AND a NCR. He was Boone's spotter. He left the NCR because of the Bitter Springs massacre. Being a former NCR, I knew all about it.

I'm spending this one last night in Novac and then I'm off to Boulder City.

Frank, out.

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